Tenrikyo /God is Sick

Due to greed, arrogance, and self-love (all evil thoughts), people are hurting each other, and causing suffering. Some of them justify their behavior as justice, or revenge for what was done to them. But unknown to them, they are also causing suffering to God when they act on their evil thoughts. In our sacred book is the following:

This world is God’s body.

Ponder, and realize it.   3-40

Imagine God as a “Super body” composed of cells, tissues and organs. The cells represent all the people on this earth. The tissues and organs represent the communities and countries that they fabricate. In our own bodies, each cell works together with other cells to create healthy tissues and organs. But suppose the cells begin to fight with each other, like when a cell becomes cancerous. Eventually the tissues and organs become infected and our bodies lose their function. This is what is happening to God. Evil individuals, like the cancer cells in our bodies are hurting God’s body. God is not well.

How do we make God healthy? In medicine we attempt to kill the cancer cells by radiation or chemotherapy, often ignoring what caused the cell to become cancerous. This has resulted in mixed results dependent on the location of the tumor. In our penal system, we have eliminated the evil person by the electric chair and the more humane lethal cocktail. We have also isolated them from society by placing them in prison. In war, we have attempted to annihilate the opposing force. But through all these measures, evil individuals continue to emerge. The removal of evil individuals (God’s property/cells) does not work to alleviate God’s suffering; it may even increase God’s sufferings. How do we make God healthy?

The origin of evil is not from the bodies that God has lent us: destroying it will only bring upon God’s regret. It is from the eternal soul/spirit that evil ethereally resides. And it is this soul that connects with our borrowed nervous system in creating or eliminating evil thoughts in our minds. It is these evil thoughts that spread from individual to individual, causing suffering to the world, and suffering to the body of God. We must suppress and eliminate these evil thoughts that are collected by our souls, and distributed to our loaned bodies as sufferings. Only when this happens, God will become healthy. Understand the soul to help eliminate evil thoughts from our minds.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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