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In our religion, God tells us that all mankind, or personkind will eventually be saved. But I find it difficult to believe because of so much hate in the world. How can peoplekind begin to get along with each other?

I have been studying our sacred book, the Ofudesaki. It gives the family recipe to live the “Joyous Life”.  Our religion grew like wild fire in the 19 century, but has been stagnant since. The reasons given are that the elder people are dying out, and the younger generation lacks conviction, the religion is too Japanese, there is too much to memorize in participation (dancing), and so on………

What motivates people to believe in God, or a religion?  Heaven or eternal life may be one of the reasons. Cause and effect (causality, karma, Innen) is what I believe in. But until I studied the Ofudesaki, I had a difficult time conceptualizing how this process works. How can people believe that there is cause and effect, or “What we sow, we reap”.

The following is my summary of cause and effect.

Understand the soul/heart to understand why Causality works.

  1. The soul bring upon joy or suffering.
  2. The soul is an eternal positive energy source from God.
  3. But the soul has accumulated negative energy around it.
  4. These negative energies originate from the actions of our evil thoughts in our minds.
  5. The soul enters our bodies at birth or shortly after.
  6. It activates and provides information to our nervous system, restoring our previous minds, excluding our memories from past lives.
  7. The soul collects and stores the negative energies that are produced when we act on evil thoughts that are in our minds.
  8. These negative energies interact with our bodies and universe, causing delayed inconveniences to us.
  9. The soul leaves our bodies at death with the negative energies created on earth and returns to heaven.
  10. When we understand the soul, we understand that our inconveniences arise from within. The source of suffering comes from our own minds.
  11. When we calm our minds, and not take action on our evil thoughts, the mind gradually becomes purified of evil thoughts; and our souls become detached of negative energy. The positive energy of the soul brings upon only joy in the future.

God wants others to understand the soul/heart so we can have the joyous life.

We must begin to tell people about the soul, and tell them that God will help them understand the soul. This is hinokishin!

When our minds are purified, God has given us a special prayer (Joyous Service) to bring people to our places of worship so they can have the joyous life.

When God has accepted our sincere prayer, God will help others understand the soul by giving them temporary illness, dependent on any evil thoughts in their minds. God is giving them a preview of their future if they do not eliminate their evil thoughts. Any illness can be cured!

These evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love. These are the thoughts that we must control and not act on when temptation or inconveniences come forth from the negative energies surrounding our soul.

When one understands the soul, the temporary illness will subside, especially when we perform our special service called the sazuke on them.

But just because we understand the soul and our bodies have been healed, it cannot be assumed that the purification of the mind will occur. It is a process that takes determination and persistence. It is not easy to calm our minds when we believed we have been wronged. It is not easy to not act on our evil thoughts when suffering or inconveniences are brought forth by the soul. It is so easy to blame others, then us.

But if we are able to dig the truth (original pure mind) by determination and persistence no matter what the soul manifest, God guarantees a life full of joy for eternity.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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