Tenrikyo /The Soul Has No Color

Many people will agree that life after death continues by the way of the soul. Our physical bodies decay, while our soul ascends to heaven or returns to earth if we believe in reincarnation. If we agree with what happens at the end of our lives here on earth, what determines the beginning of our lives. What or who determines the color of the body that the soul enters. Just because we are black or white, we assume that we are bonded by our skin color. We feel a connection to the history of our black or white ancestors. We feel guilt or anger about the past injustices. I am wondering if our souls have a proclivity for a certain skin color? Does the soul have color, like the body it enters at birth or shortly after?

What are the chances of a soul entering a black body? What is the chance of a soul entering a white body? I would place the chances on the percentage of black and white population on this earth. In today’s world, I see so much anger and hostility toward people of different races because of their color of their skin. But what one may not know, is that the color of skin may not have any factor in what skin color the soul enters at birth. If we believe that the soul continues for eternity on this earth, one may consider that the soul enters a body not on the skin factor, but by what the soul carries from previous lives. The soul is said to carry a record of our past sins or evils. It is said that the soul waits for an environment that will bring upon the same sufferings or joys that one has one committed in past lives. What one sows, one reaps. It is more likely that the soul picks or be placed in an environment that he or she will face others that have the same thoughts (evil thoughts like anger, greed, and self love). Color of the skin may be only a minor factor in the selection of a body to enter.

So to those who claim that a particular race should be subjected to hate or guilt based on their skin color, the soul has no color. The path of the soul brings together people who have the same minds. Evil thoughts (greed, arrogance, anger, hate, and self-love) will bring upon sufferings, while a pure mind will bring upon joy. What path are you on, regardless of what your skin color is?




About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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