Tenrikyo /How to Save Mankind

I would like to explain first why we have joy or suffering. Ever since mankind was created, people have wondered why we suffer or have joy. Why do good people suffer, and why do bad people have joy? Religion tries to explain it. Some will even say that it is God’s will, or only God knows. Sometimes we hear that the Good will be rewarded in heaven, while the evil will suffer in hell.

We believe that it is the soul that brings upon joy or suffering. In the first verse in our most sacred book, God tells us that the world does not understand the soul. Let me further explain the soul. Some people call it the heart or spirit. We could all agree that our physical bodies decompose, and turn to dusts when we die. Most religious people will also agree that there is something in our bodies that continue forever. Some believe that the soul leaves our bodies and enter heaven after our bodies cease to function. Others if they believe in reincarnation, believe that our souls will continue to exist on both earth and heaven.

The soul I believe is a positive source of energy created by God at the beginning of mankind. Each of us has the positive energies of God. These positive energies only bring upon joy to us. But throughout time, mankind has committed evil acts or sins against each other. These acts produce the negative energies that the individual soul collects and stores. It is these negative energies that surround the soul that brings upon our sufferings, temptations and inconveniences that many of us encounter every day.

We believe that it is the negative thoughts in our minds that tempt us to commit our negative acts or sins that create these negative energies. The evil thoughts are greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love. By understanding the soul, we can eliminate these evil thoughts that are in our minds. How do we inform people about the soul?

When we understand the soul, we understand that these inconveniences or sufferings we experience are the result of our own evil actions. Do not become angered at the messengers of these sufferings that the soul delivers. Do not blame your wife, coworker, or strangers. Definitely do not place blame on God; these sufferings are the results of our own past actions. But from these inconveniences, one can purify his or her mind! If one can calm the mind and not act upon these inconveniences that the soul delivers, one can eliminate these evil thoughts, and eliminate the negative energy that the soul collects. Eventually we can purify our minds, and have only joy. This is God’s promise.

With so many people on earth, what is the best way to inform people about the soul? But more important how can they be convinced so they can begin to purify their minds.

First God wants us to purify our own minds by understanding the soul. We must calm our minds when sufferings or inconveniences occur. Sometimes God guides us with illness when we falter from God’s path.

After purifying our own minds by understanding the soul, we must begin to tell people about the soul, and how God is going to convince people about the soul (hinokishin). We must tell people that God will enter them, and place temporary illness according to the evil thoughts in their minds to have them understand the soul.

God has given us a prayer, the Joyous Service (fertilizer) asking God to begin sweeping evil thoughts from these people that we have spread the teachings. This prayer is directed toward the Kanrodai, where Oyasama and God are.

When our sincere prayer is accepted by God, God begins to place temporary illness on those people we have spread the teachings. God will enter them, and places temporary illness according to the evil thoughts in their minds. God is showing them their future, if they do not understand the soul as a process to purify their minds.

These people will come to our churches or places of prayer to be healed of their temporary illness. They will be told about the soul again; and we will pray for them (sazuke). They will be healed and begin to understand the soul, so they can purify their minds by themselves.

This process continues until all mankind is purified.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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