Song 11 of Mikagura-uta

The following song  11 of the mikagura-uta  summarizes how we bring new members to our places of worship.


Shoyashiki, the Origin of mankind,

Gods’ residence at Jiba, determine it.


Hinomoto Shoyashiki no,

Kami no yakata no Jiba sadame.


Husband and wife working in hinokishin (spreading God’s truths, especially about the heart/soul),

This is the most important seed (in bringing in new members).


Fufu sorote hinokishin

Kore ga daiichi monodane ya.


You will see step by step, everyone

bearing straw hats doing hinokishin (spreading God’s truth of the soul/heart and blessings).


Mireba sekai ga dandan to,

mokko ninote hinokishin.


Forgetting greed, we do hinokishin (spread God’s truth of the soul/heart and blessings).

This becomes most important, for the fertilizer (Joyous Service) to be effective (to bring in new members).


Yoku o wasurete hinokishin.

Kore ga daiichi koe to naru.


Forever continues the carrying of the earth (God’s truth of the heart/soul and blessings).

If it continues, I also want to go.


Itsuitsu mademo tsuchimochi ya,

Mada aru naraba washi mo yuko.


Do not unreasonably stop anyone!

I welcome everyone who is willing to do it.


Murini tomeru ya nai hodoni,

kokoro aru nara tare naritio.


How remarkable this carrying the earth (God’s truth about the soul/heart and blessings/illness).

This will become a contribution.


Nanika Mezurashi tsuchimochi ya,

kore ga kishin to naru naraba.


Digging up (God’s truths) the residence’s earth,

you just carry it from one place to another (hinokishin).


Yashiki no tsuchi o horitorite,

tokoro kaeru bakari ya de.


Until this time, everyone did

not understand the heart (because no hinokishin to spread truth of the soul). What regret!


Kono tabi made wa ichiretsuni,

Mune ga wakaran zannen na.


This year accompanied* by the fertilizer (Joyous Service),

We reaped a sufficient harvest (new members coming to church because we have spread the truth of the soul before praying).

How delightful, how grateful.


Kotoshi wa koe okazu,

jubun mono o tsukuri tori.

Yare tanomoshi ya arigata ya.


Summary of Song 11:

  1. Establish the Kanrodai where we direct our prayers toward
  2. spread God’s truth of the heart/soul
  3. Perform the Joyous Service (fertilizer) with pure mind
  4. God will bring new members to our places of worship

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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