The Key to Our Prayer

What makes our religion so special is that God gives us a prayer to save the world. In the Ofudesaki, our sacred book, God gives us the  instructions to utilize this special prayer (key).  Without these ingredients our prayer (key) will not reach God. These are the following instructions to open our prayers to God.

  1. Believe in the soul/heart to purify our minds
  2. Purify our minds of greed, arrogance, self-love, covetousness, and miserliness.
  3. Spread God’s truth of the Soul/heart and that God will begin to save us (hinokishin).
  4. Pray with our special prayer, the Joyous Service toward the Kanrodai.

The following is a summary of the above:

The Kanrodai is the location where human beings were started. We believe that Oyasama was the first parent and that her soul resides at this location. Some believe that this is where God compares our mind with the pure mind of Oyasama when we pray to God.

The definition of hinokishin explained here is different from the traditional translation of volunteering. Hinokishin means spreading God’s truth by telling people about the soul/heart and that God will begin to help people understand the soul/heart.

In summary, all the condition are required for God to answer our prayer for world salvation.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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