Shooting the Messenger

In is human nature to blame others when events in our lives do not go as planned. It is not surprising that we seek religions that place blame on others for our problems.  For example, many religions have an evil force like Satan or the devil that opposes our happiness.  Other religions blame nonbelievers for the problems in the world, and attempt to convert them by fear, coercion or death. Even in our large congregations, pastors tell us we suffer because we don’t believe in God like they do. They tell us “All you have to do is believe”; but what about reflecting on our affairs, our greed, our hate, our ignorance, and our arrogance.  Heaven forbid that we should reflect on our behaviors; but it is easier to blame others and believe in a powerful God that forgives us if we obey.

It is not surprising that religions that promise the easy path to heaven or an afterlife will flourish. People do not want to accept that maybe they are at fault for their sufferings.  It is easier to accept doctrines from so-called authorities from God, promising them eternal joy upon their compliance.

It is from this perspective of blame that we need to find the source of our sufferings. Is it Satan, or is it other people that cause our sufferings? To place blame on these two solutions would be easy, and has been documented in world history.  The result has been more suffering in the world.

Where does joy come from?  It is said that happiness comes from within us. Some people refer to this source as the soul, spirit or heart.  It is this soul that was once pure and brought upon only joy to the individual.  But ever since the first sin, our souls have been contaminated by our evil minds, resulting in an impure soul.

It is our impure soul that brings upon our sufferings in life. Our angry co-worker, our accidents, and our obstacles are messengers of our souls. How do we make our souls pure again so we can experience only joy in this world?  We must remove our evil thoughts like greed, arrogance, miserliness, covetousness, and self-love from our minds when our soul brings upon inconveniences.

It will not be easy removing these evil thoughts in our minds since they are often ingrained in our minds like dust on a mirror.  If we calm our minds and do not act upon our evil thoughts when suffering occurs in our lives, we can gradually remove these evil thoughts from our minds, and eventually purify our souls again. This will eventually bring only joy to our lives.  

Suffering delivered by the soul is something most of us fear, but it becomes useful in removing evil thoughts from our minds if we understand the function of our souls. Yet many of us believe that suffering comes from outside of us, and direct our efforts at the messengers of our souls. This eventually causes more sufferings. We must look within ourselves first. Please visit for more information on the Soul.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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