Our Thought Patterns and Our Fate

The soul contains our fate and our pattern of thoughts. Our fate is our destiny, or what eventually our bodies are confronted with in life.  Our thought patterns are arrogance, regret, greed, miserliness, and self-love.  We all have these thought patterns in different amounts and combinations in our minds. This is what makes each of us unique.  Both our fate and thought patterns are stored as energy in the isolated soul.

The soul has many functions in the body. It collects, stores, and releases our fate.  It also functions to collect, store, and restore our pattern of thoughts.  Both our fate and our pattern of thoughts have a direct relationship, as one has the potential to cause the other. We all have heard of the phrase, “We reap what we have sowed”. When we act on our negative thought patterns, we create our negative fate, which the soul collects, stores, and eventually releases. We also create our positive fate when we do not act upon these negative thought patterns.

Our physical bodies, our memories, and our possessions are taken away from us with our death; but our pattern of thoughts and our fate are saved and continue for eternity, from one lifetime to another.

We know now that it is our own souls that deliver our fate. We also know that it is our negative thought patterns that create our negative fate by acting upon these thoughts.  How do we remove these negative thought patterns, the source of our sufferings? How do we purify our minds?

God tells us not to react negatively toward these negative events. We must calm our minds and ponder the dusts of greed, arrogance, regret, miserliness and self-love. When we do this, the pathway of these negative thoughts weakens, and we will not create more negative fate associated with these pattern of thoughts. Eventually our minds will become pure, and our souls will be empty of negative fates.  Only joy will be in our future. Unfortunately, some of us will have to experience many obstacles and sufferings before we get to this point of having a pure mind. But for those who have accumulated much negative fate, can we eliminate fate by somehow purifying the mind without experiencing one suffering after another? It is unfortunate that sometimes we need to suffer, before we can purify our minds. It is easy to act good when life is easy, and without difficulties; but it is when obstacles appear that our real pattern of thoughts appear.  It is our souls that help us realize what thought patterns exists in our minds by releasing our fate.  But for those who have a strong will to purify their minds, God tells us that large misfortunes (fate) become small misfortunes when we try to purify our minds by ourselves.  This will be extremely difficult. God compares these evils as dust on a mirror. When dust is heavy, it stains the mirror, and is difficult to remove. It is the same with the dust (evil) in our minds.  We must remind ourselves that evil thoughts exists in the world, and that there are many people that they have attached to; but it is our souls that have brought these people to us, and our first actions should not be to teach

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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