The Truth to Happiness

In the Ofudesaki, God gives us the ingredients to the Joyous life. This information is free for all to see. There is no donations needed, pilgrimage to a holy site, sacrifice or prostration before God.

The following is from tomorrow’s verse of the Facebook Tenrikyo Ofudesaki Study Group

Imamade wa nani yono koto mo sekainami

Korekara wakaru mune no uchi yori 3-43

Until now, whatever occurrence/matter was about the world (can get away if no one sees you do it).

From now, you will understand what comes forth from the innermost heart.

The heart is mentioned 71 times in the Ofudesaki, including the very first verse. What is the heart that God tells us that we do not understand? God through the Ofudesaki is telling us how we can purify our minds by ourselves if we understand the heart/soul. 

It is the heart/soul that monitors our behavior, and distributes our merits and demerits (karma). The heart and the mouth are the sand and filter. It is not God that punishes or rewards us like many in the world believe.  Remember God in the Ofudesaki tells us that he/she has been on the sidelines since the creation of mankind.

By what comes forth from our hearts/souls, we can purify our minds by calming our minds when obstacles occur in our lives, and not take action on our evil thoughts.  This is sometimes difficult to do, since we often want to blame others for our problems. But if we realize that it is our behavior in the past that has resulted in our souls distributing justice by using occurrences or people around us, we can begin to purify our own minds.

It is this soul that God wants us to understand and share with the world. God will begin to help us do this by utilizing illness as guidance to help people understand the soul/heart. This is what God tells us when he/she tells us that God will begin marvelous things in verse 3-42.

Yes, we can live the Joyous life without God, but it is God that will help us spread the truth of the soul to the world, This is why God has descended from heaven to help us spread the truth of the soul.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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