Politics, Where is the Lightning From God

Interesting about the people we feel that are evil, especially when we know that they are not being punished or reprimanded for their behavior. We feel angry or uncomfortable because we know that they are not telling the truth, and are behaving in a selfish manner.  I notice this uneasiness in myself, after seeing and listening to our politicians.  Many of them know that they are lying, but continue to put forth allegations and fake news on their opposition. For many, especially the people who are so faithful to their party, they take these lies to be the truth.  For example, the news and social media, which no one can undoubtedly deny are on one side only, are only protecting one candidate from scrutiny.  Is this fair? 

To me, this is not fair. For most people, evil actions should be reprimanded and punished.  There are many criminals that are never caught and punished. White-collar crime is rampant, but only a few are caught. Sexual abuse, and child endangerment exist, but again only a few are punished for these  heinous crimes. For many, especially to those who are aware of the crime, this is not all right.  Good guys do not always win; sometimes, bad people win.

What does the Ofudesaki say about evil actions caused by the dusts of regret, covetousness, greed, arrogance, and self-love?  God tells us there are two paths that people take. One path only leads to suffering for oneself, while the other path leads to joy. The worldly path is the path where one believes that one can get away with anything as long as no one sees us doing it, or if one does not care if anyone sees the evil action. One may even think that one can hide his or her action from God.  The other path is the path of the heart, where one’s actions come back upon one self.  You may understand the phrase “ What one sows, one reaps”.  Yes there is eventually justice for all our actions. Some will call this karma or causality. 

Many would believe that it is God, like Santa Clause knows if we are good or bad; and punishes or rewards us. But God tells us in the Ofudesaki, that it is our own hearts (soul, spirit), that monitor are behavior, and eventually metes out what we deserve. Some will call this fate.

Does this information make us feel better about the corruption and evil deeds that are occurring today in the world?  God tells us that we must begin the process of saving the world from within. We must start by beginning to purify our minds first, and depend on God to help us spread the truth to the world.  I guess, the salvation of the world begins by not releasing our anger and hostility about the injustice in the world; but by calming our minds, and purifying our minds first.  God tells us the world is a mirror; we see what we have done before.  If we begin the purification from within us, we can spread God’s truth more easily, and eventually the mirror will only reflect joy in the world. 

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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