Understanding the Heart

It is my sincere belief that until we understand the first verse of the Ofudesaki, we will not be able to spread God’s intention to the world.
What is the heart that God tells us that we do not understand., The following from the  Ofudesaki may give one a clue,
Yorozuyo no sekai ichiretsu miharasedo
mune no wakarita mono wa nai kara  1-1
Through all generations, the world everyone, looking at.
The understanding of the heart, person there is not because…
What comes from the heart, everyone ponder  2-15
The mind is resolving, the heart is settling.  2-28
The heart and mouth are the sand and filter 3-11
From now on you will understand what comes from the heart  3-43
Become single hearted with God by what the innermost heart brings forth 3-46
Understand what the innermost heart bings upon and ponder 3-47
The innermost heart is not even understood. 4-87
From what comes from the innermost heart, it will be done. 4-108
The truth of the heart because there is no understanding 5-28
The innermost heart quickly ponder  5-74
Each of your hearts, you are dependent on it.  6-97
Everyone, what comes from the innermost heart  7-27
From what comes from the innermost heart, hurry sweeping  7-30
What comes from the innermost heart, firmly show your sincerity  7-32
The heart is not understood. The regret of God. 7-44
The heart understood, the day will come. 7-75
All of each of your innermost hearts piles of dust have accumulated  8-61
What comes from the innermost heart, one must clear it away  8-67
The concern in the mind of God is the innermost hearts of people. 10-57
The truth from the innmost heart. If they understand it, God will be delighted. 10-59
The high mountains can not understand the heart. The regret of God. 10-90
Many of the children, the innermost heart, the preparation to understand it does not exist. 11-48
God will begin the sweeping of the heart. 12-1
This time, this innermost heart, quickly prepare to clear it. 12-21
The Original mind, how does on attain this? Ponder the heart. This is foremost. 12-132
If the individual innermost heart is purified, there will be no danger.,  13-83
Everyone, all individuals are dependent on the heart. 13-117
The sweeping of the heart, one will be able to do by oneself.   16-7
The innermost heart, God is watching  16-59
The next article will be abut the Joyous Service. What are we asking God to do? What makes this Service effective?
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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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