We Must Understand Our Own Hearts

There was a post recently from someone stating that God does not use illness to punish people. Yes, I would agree with that statement, because in the Ofudesaki God tells us that it is our own hearts that brings upon joy or sorrow. God confirms in the Ofudeski that God has been only watching us since God created human beings (13-28, 13-106, 14-45, 15-12, 15-44, 16-17, 16-68, 17-44). The use of the word mune or heart is misunderstood in the Ofudesaki. God in the first verse tells us we do not understand the heart/mune (1-1, 4-85,10-90, 17-17). This is not God’s heart we do not understand, but it is our own heart. What is the heart or mune. Most people relate it to our minds; but in my opinion the heart is the soul, or contained in the soul. I believe it collects our merits and demerits from our actions, and releases them as fate (3-11). We reap what we have sowed because of our individual heart (3-43,3-46, 3-47, 4-108, 7-27, 7-30, 7-32). I also believe that the heart is the vehicle that also collects our dusts (regret, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance), and carries it to our next life when our physical body stops. So our heart/soul carries our fates and our dusts. This kind of makes sense, in that the action of our evil thoughts caused these fates. You can relate the heart/soul to a suitcase that we carry from one life time to another. So God usually does not interfere in the actions of everyone; it is our own hearts/soul that does this. So what has God done? God descended from heaven to let us know about the heart, and to help us spread this truth to the world. God tells us by understanding what comes from our hearts, we can purify our minds (7-32, 2-15). Yes God now uses illness as guidance to help people understand the function of our own hearts. God in the Ofudesaki tells us, when the world understands the heart, there will be complete joy (3-12, 10-62). The heavenly dew will flow upon a vessel placed on the Kanrodai. In the Ofudesaki and Mikagura-uta, God gives us the instructions to save everyone in the world, but unless we truly understand the first verse of both the Ofudeski, and the Yorozuyo, our prayer (Joyous Service) may not be accepted by God. We must understand our own heart/mune!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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