A Summary of God’s Message

A Summary of God’s Message

God wants us to determine the location where human beings were started. This is where God resides after descending from heaven. The location is important in that we direct our prayers (Joyous Service) to this location (Kanrodai). Couples working together to teach God’s truths, this is the most important element in bringing new members. This will be seen in the world with people spreading God’s truths. But not only is the spreading of God’s truth important; but we must also remove the dusts or evil thoughts in our minds, especially the dust of greed.  The purification of our minds and spreading the truths of God will become most important for our Service or prayer to be accepted by God. This spreading of the truth will continue, as people will be excited to share God’s truths.  God tells us not to stop anyone who has a desire to do this because by doing this, it will become a contribution to God.  The word kishin in Japanese is defined as contribution. The word hinokishin can be separated into hito no kishin, what is translated as a person’s contribution to God.  So hinokishin is defined as spreading God’s truth.  After understanding God’s truth, one spreads it to others. One may wonder what of God’s truth we spread to others.  God tells us we do not understand the heart or mune. God has regrets that the world does not understand their own hearts.  God tells us absolutely that when we spread the truth of the heart with others, with ourselves having a pure mind, then God will accept our prayer (Joyous Service) and bring in new members to our places of worship.  How delightful and grateful this will become!



For those who are curious, which Tenrikyo scripture does this post come from?  Is it from the Ofudesaki, Osashizu, Life of Oyasama, Doctrine of Tenrikyo, or Mikagura-uta?

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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