Illness Comes from your Mind

Ever since the beginning of human beings, there has been much effort and resources to find cures for illnesses. Millions and possibly billions of dollars have been spent to find the cure for cancer, and other maladies that affect us. Progress in medicine of course has extended the lives of many, but we still experience love ones who have succumbed to these diseases.

The herculean efforts of researchers and scientist are to be complimented, but in the Ofudesaki God tells us what the cause of illness is. This is why the contents of the Ofudesaki is a bombshell in saving  ourselves of any illness. The following is from the Ofudesaki:

Nani nitemo yamai to yute sarani nashi  

Kokoro chigai no michi ga aru kara 3-95

Whatever happens, what is called illness furthermore is nonexistent.

because mistaken minds’ path exist

Kono michi wa oshii hoshii to kawaii to  

Yoku to koman kore ga hokori ya  3-96

These paths are regret, covetousness, self-love,

greed, and arrogance. These are the dusts.

God is telling us that the source of illness is these dusts or evil thoughts that are present in our minds.  If this is true, can we prevent cancer or any illness if we can remove dusts from our minds?

In the Mikagura-uta  Song 10 , God confirms the origin of illnesss:

Yamai wa tsurai mono naredo 

moto o shiritaru mono wa nai

Though illness is so trying,

There is no one who knows the origin.

Kono tabi made wa ichiretsuni,

yamai no moto wa shirenanda.

Until this time, everyone

the origin of illness you did not know.

Kono tabi arawareta,

yamai no moto wa kokoro kara.

This time it has been revealed.

The origin of illness is from your mind.

If we take this as absolute truth, can we cure cancer? If we purify our minds, can we cure any disease, even the illness of the covid virus? I was wondering if some of you personally have purified your mind to recover from cancer or any other illness? Also, how does one tell others that their cancer is from their minds, without causing any animosity?

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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