The Image of the Heart

The image shows a picture of the heart or mune, which some may call the spirit or the soul. We all know that the body decays, but most of us believe that we continue to exist after our physical body stops. By how does this happen?  I believe that the heart or mune is composed of an amalgam of energies that store our dusts or evil thoughts, and our fates that were caused by acting on these thoughts.  Some may also say that our subconscious thoughts are also stored as energy.  The heart then ascends with this personal information, from our bodies when we die. Some believe they will exist in heaven or hell for eternity, while others believe they will return to earth, to live another incarnation. In both cases, I presume that one will have the same mindset as in one’s previous life, and suffer or have joy dependent on what fate one is carrying in the heart.

As we see the human atrocities that occur in the world in the past and today. We have sympathy for those who have become victims of these evil acts. But we should also have sympathy for those who perpetuate these evil acts, as they do not see their ominous fates that are carried in their hearts. They will suffer for their action, not by God, but by their own hearts. This is nature’s law or God’s law, which is usually nonnegotiable, no matter how much one prays for forgiveness.

We must first understand the heart to purify our own minds to save ourselves, and then share the truth of the heart to the world.  Our prayers to save the world will not be effective unless we spread the truth of the heart.  We need to tell the world that action of any kind, have consequences, not only to others, but also back to them.  These consequences may not be immediate, but be assured that it will occur.

For those who may fear what fates that their hearts contain, God tells us how to remove their negative fates.  Looking at the image, see what lies in the middle of each of our hearts.  There is positive fate that will bring upon only joy.  The Joyous life is available to everyone.

I know that there are many in our church that tell us to pray daily, go to Ojiba, donate, and be respective of anyone, even those who commit heinous crimes against humanity.  I believe it is time for us to spread the truth of the heart, so everyone has access to this vital information that affects everyone in the world. Remember that there are no evil persons in the world. It is only because evil dusts have infected their minds.  Like any dust, we can sweep them away. God tells us in the Ofudesaki how to do this.  Let us spread the truth of the heart, and the truths in the Ofudesaki to the world!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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