God Wants us to Understand the Heart

In our religion most people place emphasis on our Service. This may be appropriate, but the Ofudesaki and Mikagura-uta tell us that understanding our own hearts is most important.  The following is from the Ofudesaki:

Kono michi o shinjitsu omou koto naraba  

Mune no uchi yori yorozu shiyan se  2-15  

This path, if you truly think about it.

From what comes from the innermost heart, all (of it) ponder.

Kono michi ga choto miekaketa koto naraba                                                                sekai no kokoro mina isami deru  2-17  

When this path (path of the heart) can be easily seen. When this happens,

the world’s mind will all become spirited.

So one may ask how does this happen, where everyone understands the heart, and what it does? We know that it is very difficult to inform others about a new idea or concept, especially in western countries where reincarnation and karma are not an accepted belief. This is where our Joyous Service comes into play.  The Joyous Service is a prayer asking God to help others understand the heart. We pray for others.

Ashiki o haroute tasuke tamae


Evil sweeping, save them please,

Tenri-O-no-Mikoto (God).


With our prayer, whom do we want saved? The following is from the Ofudesaki.

Kono Tsutome doko kara kuru to omou kana  

Kami taru tokoro isami kuru zo ya  2-4  

This Service, where do they come from, you think.

From the high places they will come spirited.

God is telling us that the Joyous Service is intended to save others (high mountains).

In conclusion, the Joyous Service is important, but without us understanding the heart, our prayers will not be accepted by God.  Why is understanding the heart so important? From verse 2-17, God tells us that people will become spirited when one understands the heart.  How does understanding the heart make us spirited?  The answer is in the Ofudesaki, the most sacred scripture in the world!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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