Open the Portal to Settle the World

When God descended from heaven, God requested the Nakayama family to accept a request to make Oyasama the shrine of God. As Oyasama was a shrine, she was a portal to God. To pray to God, people would direct their prayer to her direction. The authorities made it difficult for people to pray, especially as the police often took her to prison later in her life. The restrictions from authorities, and even her followers, hindered the people from visiting Oyasama. All these situations made it extremely difficult to pray to God. As it was extremely difficult for the early follower to pray; it was almost impossible for people who were far away from the Residence.
Why is the date, January 26, 1887 so important to the world? This is the day Oyasama’s body ceased to function, but her soul returned to the Origin. The Origin is the location where human beings were created. We believe that Oyasama was the first parent in the creation. This is the location where the temporary Kanrodai is located now in Ojiba.
On January 25, 1887 God gave the following question to Oyasama’s followers, as she lay in bed from her illness:
“Should I open the portal, or close the portal to settle the world?”
I believe the portal refers to the Kanrodai. This became the Shrine of God when Oyasama’s soul returned to this location. Remember Oyasama was the Shrine of God when she was physically present on earth, and I believe still serves the purpose at the Kanrodai. It is my interpretation, that God compares our minds with the pure mind of Oyasama at this location, when our prayers are directed there.
At the time of the inquiry by God, her followers only wanted Oyasama to be saved from her illness; but unknowingly gave permission for her physical demise, by responding that they wanted God to open the portal to settle the world.
God responded to their request by returning her soul to the Origin, where now the whole world has access to Oyasama and God, and where the teachings can spread to the world.
By this world changing occurrence, the Joyous Service become effective, where God and Oyasama at the Kanrodai, begins to help us sweep evil from others. All these workings of salvation come forth because of the early followers response to God’s question, Should I open the portal, or close the portal to settle the world.
With the opening of the portal/Kanrodai, the mechanism to settle the world is in place. All we need to do is to follow the instructions in the Ofudesaki!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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