The Mind, Body, and Heart

If reincarnation exists, what are two qualities of you that God will want to save for your next life? God tells us that we have free will to think, so God will construct a system that will not change our way of thinking.  More specifically, our evil thoughts or dusts will be maintained from the previous life.  Looking at the image, Step 3, depicts the heart combining with the mind to restore the previous dusts of the former life. The same mindset will be the first quality that God will save. What will be the second quality of us that God will want to save? God tells us that from acting on these evil thoughts, we bring upon demerits that will be released as fate. Since we created these demerits out of our free will, I believe God will hold us responsible for our actions.  So the second quality saved will be our demerits and merits that we have earned.  I believe that the heart collects these demerits (step 4), and eventually releases these demerits as fate (step 5) when opportunities arise. So upon our physical death, our hearts carry our evil thoughts or dusts, and also the demerits that were created by acting on these same thoughts, to our next physical existence.  Does this seem fair?


Some will say, that it is not fair that we carry our demerits from the previous life, since they cannot remember what they have done?  But unknown to them, they also have the receipts for these demerits in their present minds.  These receipts are the dusts or evil thoughts that fabricated these demerits.  These dusts are regret, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance. Each of our demerits is connected to one or more of these dusts.


Some will say that if we carry our fate from our previous lives, life is pessimistic and sad.  But God tells us that these obstacles (fate) are reminders that we have dusts in our minds. God tells us that when obstacles occur in life, we must not blame others but reflect on our own minds. This is the way we eliminate these dusts in our minds. God compares this to digging a root. We all know how difficult it is to dig a root.


Most of us would prefer to not go through any major obstacles in life. Would it be possible to eliminate fate?  In one of the scriptures, God tells us a major catastrophe can become a minor incidence if we follow the teachings. How is this possible?  As you remember acting on these evil thoughts caused these demerits. We cannot go back in the past and change our behavior; but we can attempt to eliminate the evil thoughts that initiated the demerit. This is almost like going back in the past to erase our actions.  Yes, when obstacles occur in our life, instead of blaming others, if we ponder our own minds, we can begin to eliminate our evil thoughts. If this happens, maybe the catastrophic fate or fates connected with this or these thoughts will also be eliminated or lessened.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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