Human beings were created from both heaven and earth

I would talk about the Joyous Service, where God is describing the beginning of human beings. Why is this so important, that it is included in our prayer to save others? It initially appears to be out of place, since the first and third part of the Service is a prayer asking God to help others.  Why is this included in the Service? The following is from the Joyous Service:

These workings, earth and heaven, representing,

Wife/husband created and brought forth.

This is the beginning of the world.

This is telling us that human beings were created from parts of both earth and heaven. Human beings were created from the existing sea creatures on earth, and also from the Original mind of God.  God’s pure mind was placed in the first parents of human beings.  From the muddy ocean, important parts of other sea creatures were added to the first parents to begin the creation of humans.  The following from the Ofudesaki confirms this:

Kono moto wa) (doroumi naka ni) (uo to mi to)

(Sore hikidashite) (fufu hajimeta) 6-32

This Origin, within the muddy sea, a fish and serpent,

that I drew them forth, and started the first couple.

(Kono you no) (moto hajimari wa) (doro no umi)

(Sono naka yori mo) (dojo bakari ya) 6-33

These workings, the beginning origin was the muddy ocean.

Within that, there were only loaches.

(Sono uchi ni) (uo to mii to) (ga majiriru)

(Yoku misumaseba) (ningen no kao) 6-34

Among them were a fish and a serpent that existed.

Looking closely, I saw human faces.

(Sore o mite) (omoi tsuita wa) (shinjitsu no)

(Tsukihi no kokoro) (bakari naru zo ya) 6-35

Seeing that, an idea came, the Original mind

of God’s mind, only will they become.

(Kono mono ni) (dogu o yosete) (dandan to)

(Shugo oshieta) (koto de aru nara) 6-36

These creatures, instrument I will add. Step by step,

the providence I thought them.

Our prayer is asking God, to help restore the Original mind (pure mind), which was placed in the first parents of humans. This is a mind that will bring upon joy, and will make us spirited. This is why it is included in the most important prayer in the world. We need to return to the Original mind (pure mind) before God accepts our prayers to save the world. This is also why God tells us that the Service is the beginning of the world (verse 15-29). Our minds should be like the first parents, when we perform it.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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