New Year’s Resolution


As we start the New Year, it is a tradition to make a resolution.  We know the common resolution that most people make, but what resolution does God want from each of us?  In the Ofudesaki, the word shinjitsu or shin is written over 173 times.  So this must be a very important word or message that God wants us to understand. What is the definition of shinjitsu?  Church Headquarter translates shinjitsu as truth, sincerity, and truly, but this may not be what God wants to convey in using this word.  In the Ofudesaki, God often tells us to know or understand the Origin of human beings. You may ask what does the origin of human beings have to do with the word shinjitsu? I believe that shinjitsu refers to the Original mind of God that was given to the first parents of human beings. This is a mind without regret, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance. This is a mind that will make us spirited, and have the Joyous life. God wants us to return to this mind. This is why I believe that this word appears over 173 times in the Ofudesaki.


The Origin explains the beginning of human beings, but it also symbolizes the Original mind (shinjitsu) given to the first parents. This Original mind represents heaven, while the earth, the instruments in the muddy ocean, represents the body. This is why God tells us in the Joyous Service, that human beings were created of components from both heaven and earth.  God tells us in the Ofudesaki that the Service is the beginning of the world, because we are asking God to sweep away the evil thoughts, so everyone can return to the pristine original pure mind of God that was given to the first parents.  This is a mind that will bring upon only joy.


In summary, the attainment of the Original mind (shinjitsu) is difficult. Most of us will fail to keep our resolution. They say most resolutions are broken in 17 days. But if one truly wants to attain the Original mind, and sweep our evil thoughts, the instructions are in the Ofudesaki. God tells us that when we attain the Original mind, we will become spirited and have the Joyous life!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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