These working of, earth and heaven
representing, wife and husband created and brought forth.
This is the beginning of the world.
Where does this verse come from?  It comes from the 2nd part of the Joyous Service. This has a significant meaning.  I was taught that man represented heaven and woman represented the earth. For example the woman represents the earthly qualities of nourishment, and care giving, while the man represents the heavenly qualities of protection. But I believe that this interpretation is incorrect. God is telling us that our bodies were created from the earth, specifically the sea creatures in the ancient muddy oceans. God started to make human bodies by finding a fish and sea serpent, and added the good qualities of the other sea creatures to each of the first parents. Then from heaven was added the pure mind of God into the first parents. The word shinjitsu is often found in the Ofudesaki. This is the pure original mind given to the first parents. This is the mind that God wants us to return to. In summary God created human beings from the living instruments found on earth, and from the pure mind of God from heaven.
This second part of the Joyous Service is important to understand because God created human beings to live the Joyous life. From the earth, all the qualities to fabricate a perfect body was utilized. From heaven, the pure mind of God was added. From this combination, God has given us the ability to live the Joyous life. But unfortunately dusts or evil thoughts have permeated our minds. This is why there is suffering and illness in this world.  How do we attain the Joyous life? We must obtain the Original mind that was given to the first parents of human beings. When this occurs, only joy will occur, as intented by God when God initiated the creation of human beings.
From God, the Original mind thinking to attach,
How the world, to begin to create.   Ofudesaki 6-81
Nonexistent in the world, to begin to start was difficult.
What instruments to find, to prepare.  6-82
Looking carefully within, I found loaches, a fish and a serpent,
other creatures also was seen to play a role. 6-83

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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