The Original Mind

In the Ofudesaki the word shinjitsu appears in about 180 verses. Tenrikyo Headquarter defines shinjitsu as truth, truly, true,sincerity, sincere, clearly, and true. In fact the word truth appears in 73 verses. In the traditional Headquarter translation, God tells us that God will tell us the truth. When reading the Ofudesaki, I was alway excited to read what God’s truth was. But alway disappointed when I could not find it in the verses. Could we be translating the word shinjitsu incorrectly?

Could Shinjitsu be the Original mind given to the first parents of human beings? This is pure mind without disappointment (oshii), desire (hoshii), self-love (kawaii), greed (yoku), and arrogance (kouman). As mentioned in the 2nd part of the Joyous Service, and the Ofudesaki, God created the perfect human body from the existing sea creatures in the muddy ancient ocean, and from heaven was added the pure mind of God. This mind or shinjitsu is what God wants us to return to. It is only with this mind that our bodies can function to give us the “Joyous life” This is why God tells us to return to the Origin.
This is also a mind that God tells us that we must possess to perform the Joyous Service. God tells us that when we attain the Original mind, God will provide us any blessings.
In summary, the understanding of this important word, may help you understand the Ofudesaki from a different perspective. For more insightful information please visit on Facebook, the Ofudesaki Study Group, or visit to view all 17 chapters of the most accurate English translation of the Ofudesaki

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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