The English Translation of the Ofudesaki

Most of you have probably at one time wondered how to spread God’s teachings to the world, more specifically in your neighborhood, or city you live in.  I would like to offer a suggestion. Let’s get back to the basic teachings of the Ofudesaki.

The main theme of the Ofudesaki is to attain the Original pure mind. God tells us that any blessings are provided when one attains the Original pure mind. Yes, even the healing of any illness. 

There are three main topics that are covered in the Ofudesaki. They are the heart/soul (mune), the Original pure mind (shinjitsu), and God’s workings (you) of guidance. There are three messages about these topics that God repeatedly conveys to us in the Ofudesaki. (1) God tells us that any blessings are possible when one attains the Original pure mind.  (2) To attain the Original pure mind, God repeatedly reminds us we must understand our own heart/soul. (3) God continuously tells us that God will begin to work to help others understand what the heart/soul does, so that people can attain the Original pure mind. These three messages we need to spread to the world. How do we start to convey these messages? We must tell them that illness can be cured, when one attains the Original pure mind.  Let’s go back to what started the dissemination of the teachings. It is about the curing of illness that doctors and medicine could not heal. But before we continue with the topic of healing, lets discuss why there is illness and suffering in the world.

The story of creation is important for one to understand why there is suffering and illness. The story goes like this. God created the perfect human body from the existing sea creatures in the muddy ancient ocean; and from heaven was placed the pure mind of God into the first parents. Through evolution, we have attained the perfect body to live the joyous life. With these ingredients from both earth and heaven, human beings should be able to live the “Joyous life”. But unfortunately evil thoughts or dusts have infiltrated our minds. The healthy human body is not compatible with a mind that is infiltrated with evil thoughts. This is why there is illness and suffering in the world.

Lets get a little more specific why illness occurs. When we act on our evil thoughts, it will eventually bring upon illness or suffering back upon us. The mechanism of this will be explained later. Some people will call it karma, causality or innen. We do not know when karma will appear, because many factors have to align for it to manifest. But surely it will appear when we act upon our evil thoughts; but when and where it appears is unknown. Some will call this nature’s justice, or fate that waits to manifest.

What should we think when we have a serious illness? Are we bad people? God tells us that there are no evil people in the world. It is only because evil thoughts or dusts have attached to their minds. These thoughts are disappointment, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance.  These thoughts are like a virus or bacteria. They can attach to our minds, and can easily be spread to others.  But like these germs, these evil thoughts can be eliminated, resulting in a pure mind, like the ones given to the first parents of human beings.  When we attain a pure mind, any illness will be healed. The Ofudesaki teaches us how to purify our minds.

So lets say now we have a serious illness that doctors and medicine cannot cure?  What can we do? God tells us that our past action(s) caused our suffering we have today. This is what some may call karma or innen. We cannot go back in time and cancel what we have done.  But we can try to ponder our own minds to locate the dust(s) or evil thought(s) that initiated the illness, and try to eliminate the evil thought(s). By this process we are going back to the origin of our illness. The origin of illness is found in our minds. By pondering our minds, it is like going back in time to identify the evil thought(s).  God tells us that if we can remove these same thoughts that created the illness, we can cure our illness.  

For a few, the elimination of evil thoughts in our minds can be accomplished in a short time, and recover from the illness. But for many, because of the accumulation of so much dust attached to their minds, this will be difficult without understanding the heart/soul. 

What is the heart/soul that God tells us repeatedly that we do not understand? The Ofudesaki tells us the heart is like the sand in the filtration system. The Ofudesaki also tells us to ponder what comes from our heart/soul.  From these two verses, we may conclude that the heart/soul appears to collect our demerits from our evil actions, stores it and eventually releases this energy back to us as fate.  It is not God that rewards or punishes us for our behavior, but it is our own individual soul/heart that does this. We reap what we have sowed because of the heart/soul that each of us has, within our own bodies. 

Where is the heart/soul located in our bodies? Perhaps it may an amalgam of energy located somewhere in our bodies, containing information about our present, past and future. Most of us believe that the soul will continue to exist when our bodies cease to function. This soul will return to heaven containing the fates that have been accumulated, and the associated evil thought(s) associated with them. Some believe that the soul stays in heaven after being judged by God; while others believe that the soul returns back to earth to begin a new chapter, in a continuous cycle of birth and death, eventually leading to eternal bless, as a result of attaining the pure mind.

In summary, it is the heart/soul that continues to send us messages by the fates delivered, but most of the world thinks that what suffering appears in our lives are random, or worldly common. They do not know that something is wrong with their minds.  Again the mistaken paths of the mind are disappointment or regret, covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance.  When these thoughts are eliminated, any blessings are possible. Yes, even the curing of any illness. Yes, our Services are very important, but we must first convey the basics of our teachings to the world. All this information I have presented to you is in the Ofudesaki, the most sacred scripture in the world. 

Today I am pleased to present you with the most accurate English translation of the Ofudesaki. You can order your own copy in kindle, paperback, and hard copy, at  Any profits made on these books will go to spreading the teachings of the Ofudesaki.  If you need additional information, you can contact me (Hirofumi Nakatsuchi) at

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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