God’s Teachings

In 1838 God descended from heaven to save the world. The instructions to save us are all in the Ofudesaki. These are the teachings from God, written by the hands of MIki Nakayama (Oyasama). Unlike other teachings, the instructions in the Ofudesaki are simple. God wants us to purify our own minds. The purified mind is a mind without greed, arrogance, regret, covetousness and self-love. These are the dusts or evil thoughts that God wants us to remove from our minds. From these dusts, emotion of anger, hate, and revenge emerge. God tells us that when we remove these evil thoughts from our minds, any blessing will be provided by our own hearts and God. Our minds will become spirited! This state of mind will also eliminate illnesses and sufferings! This state of joy is called the Joyous life. This condition of joy was anticipated when God created human beings, but evil thoughts have infiltrated our minds.
How do we attain the pure mind? God tells us that when suffering or illness occurs, not to blame others or God. God wants us to ponder our own minds for evil thoughts, and not act on these thoughts when these obstructions occur in our lives. By this process or path, one will be able to gradually eliminate the evil thoughts. This said, from a personal experience, it is sometimes very difficult not to blame others for what appears in our lives. But if we are persistent, God tells us that we can purify our minds. This condition leading to a “Joyous life” is what God hastens. For some the purification of their own minds will be sufficient, but for many others they will want to share this truth with others. This is where religion comes into play.
It is these truth of the Original pure mind, and the process to remove our evil thoughts, that we must spread to the world. It is often difficult to convince others of these teachings, but God has given us a special prayer to help save others. When one attains the pure mind, and spreads this truth to others, by performing  the Joyous Service, God will help these people to understand the teachings, so they can purify their own minds. God tells us that when the world’s minds are purified, there will be ever lasting joy, with everyone helping each other.
The pure mind brings upon joy
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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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