Take a Young Wife

There is a verse in the Ofudesaki that has always made me uncomfortable. When it is recited, I see others, especially females that are also uncomfortable with this verse. This verse is 1-65
korekara wa kokoro shikkari irekae yo
akuji haroute wake nyoubou
From now, replace your mind firmly.
Sweep away the wrong doing and take a young wife.
According to Church Headquarter’s explanation, Shuji was not married legally, and God wanted him to send her away, and take a new wife?
Lets look at the original Japanesee romanized text that has been converted from the hiragana text:
korekara wa kokoro shikkari irekae yo
Akuji haroute wakaki ni yohou
From now, the mind firmly replace it.
Evil sweeping, to be young I forecast.
In the Japanese hiragana text, it is written as ni yahou, and not nyoubou. Yahou translates to forecast or predict, while nyoubou translates to wife. Unless there is an error in the hiragana context, the two words are ni yohou, which translates to forecasts. God predicts Shuji to live a long life, if he sweeps his mind.
This translation make more sense, since in the previous two verses, God is telling Shuji that he is still young at 50, and God will assure him 60 more years.
I hope this will convince everyone to take a second look at what is in the Ofudesaki. There are errors in the Church Headquarter’s English translation? I have translated the Ofudesaki, trying to translate it word for word. I believe this is the most accurate translation of the Ofudesaki. By this translation, God’s intent to save the world is revealed. I truly believe that this sacred scripture contains the ingredients to save the world!

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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