The 5 Evil Dusts

Somethings to Ponder. God tells us about the 5 dusts or evil thoughts in the Ofudesaki. These are regret (oshii), covetousness (hoshii), self-love (kawaii), greed (yoku), and arrogance (kouman). These dust we often think about them, and say how profound these teachings about the dusts are. God tells us that by only acknowledging these dusts, it is like looking at a picture and saying how beautiful it is. It is not enough, we need to settle these dust in our own minds, and spread it to the world.

First of all, you may be saying that there are 8 dusts. But in the Ofudesaki,God tells us of only 5 dusts.

These paths are regret, covetousness, self-love,

Greed, and arrogance. These are the dusts. 3-96

The ones missing you say are anger, grudge bearing and hate. These three purported dusts arise from the 5 dusts mentioned in the Ofudesaki. Anger is an emotion that arises from the 5 dusts, especially the dust of arrogance. The other two, grudge bearing and hate are actions that we may take upon, from the emotion of anger. This is why only the 5 dusts are mentioned in the Ofudesaki.

How do we know, when we have these evil thoughts in our mind? Emotions like anger may give us a clue. God tells us if we have anger, we do not know the teachings. How do we prevent anger from occuring? Remember anger arise from having a combination of the 5 dusts, especially arrogance. We must remove these dusts from our minds, especially the dust of arrogance.

In the Ofudesaki God tells us how to gradually remove our evil thoughts. This is the main theme in this valuable scripture. God also tells us how to spread these teachings to the world.

By attaining the Original pure mind, God tells us that our heart/souls will bring upon only joy. Again we need to settle these truths in our own minds, and then spread it to the world.

Our Services and ceremonies are important, but secondary. We must first spread God’s truth about the Original pure mind.

Pure Mind Results in a Happy Life

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