How Do We Spread God’s Truths

Somethings to Ponder. Why our religion does not grow? Out of 7-8 billion people on earth, only .03% are Tenrikyo members. This is almost 0%. It does not appear that we are not doing a good job spreading the teachings.
In the Ofudesaki, God uses agricultural words, and compares the harvesting of crops with the harvesting of new members to our places of worship. These terms like planting the seeds, weeding, fertilizer, and harvesting (ryuukei), were familar with the local farmers of Yamato. No, God was not teaching them to harvest crops!  God was teaching them, and us now, how to save others, and bring new members to our places of worship. The method used were metaphors to help the people more easily understand the teachings. Let go over the agricultural terms.
First God gives us the truth or the seeds. The truth is the Original pure mind (shinjitsu) and how to attain this mind. In the Ofudesaki the word shinjitsu is often found. This is the Original pure mind that was given to the first parents from God. This is the mind God wants us to return to. This is a mind without, disappointment (regret), covetousness, self-love, greed, and arrogance. When one attains the Original pure mind, only joy will come forth from our own hearts/souls. This is the truth we must spread to others.
Weeding refers to the process of purifying our own minds by understanding the Original pure mind. God often guides us to help us purify our own minds. We must purify our own mind before we can spread the truths to others.
The expression planting the seed, is often called hinokishin, derived from hito no kishin, or a person’s contribution to God. In the Ofudesaki, the word hinokishin is not found. In the Songs for the Service, the word refers to the spreading of God’s truths. We must plant the seed of the Original pure mind in the minds of other people. I know this is contrary to what we are currently taught as hinokishin.
The fertilizer is the Joyous Service. In the world, it is difficult for people to understand the truth of the Original pure mind. God has given us a special prayer, asking God to help us convince the people we have spread God’s truth to. With the acceptance of our prayer, God will  guide these people to purify their own minds.
Harvesting of crops refers to the people who come to our places of worship because of the previous steps  taken. We usually heal their illness given by God, and teach them further about God’s truth.
This is only a brief summary of the Ofudesaki. God has given us the truths to purify our own minds, and then spread the teachings to others. This is all in the Ofudesaki! Only when these steps are taken, will our religion spread like wild fire, but more importantly, there will be complete joy in the world.
The Pure Mind Results in a Happy Life
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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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