You Reap What You Have Sowed

Somethings to Ponder

Most people believe that it is God that punishes or rewards us. But in the Ofudesaki, God tells us that God has only been observing us since God created human beings. If this is so, why is there suffering and joy in this world? Could there be something in our own bodies that are monitoring our own behaviors, either punishing us or rewarding us for our own behaviors? In the Ofudesaki, the phrase ponder what comes from the heart/soul is often used.

The heart’s interior, what comes from it, all ponder 2-15
Become settled with God by what comes from the heart’s interior 3-47
The heart’s pondering, this is foremost. 12-132

God is telling us that our own heart/souls collect our demerits from our evil actions. God tells us that our hearts like sand in the purification of sewage, collects the waste (demerits) created by our evil actions.

The heart/soul and the mouth are the sand and filter 3-11

Then the heart stores the demerits, and releases them as negative fate when the right opportunities arises to manifest them. These opportunites to manifest may not occur until the next life time. We reap what we have sowed will always apply because of our heart/soul.

The function of their own hearts/souls is what we must teach the world. The world’s thinking is that there are no consequences for their behaviors. Yes, they acknowledge that their evil behavior affects other people, but they do not realize what fates for themselves that they have created, and awaits for them to manifest. They only see the present, especially when it comes to their instant gratifications, and their selfish desires. When suffering to themselves eventually occur, they are at loss to why it occurs, especially when the time lapse of the cause and effect is prolonged.

It appears that it is the soul/heart that we need to understand, and spread to the world, so that they can purify their our own minds, so that only positive fate or joy will come from their hearts/souls. This is why God tells us in the first verse that the world does not understand the heart/soul.

All generations of the world, everyone I am looking at.
Because the heart’s/soul’s understanding person is nonexistent. 1-1

When one understand the heart, one can understand why suffering and joy exist in the world. But we can also purify our minds by pondering what comes from our hearts/souls. When our minds are pure, only positive fates will come from our hearts/souls.

Pure Mind Results in a Happy Life

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