Anger management

Anger management

We are taught in our religion that if we have anger, we do not know God’s truth.  Anger arises from arrogance.  It is this belief that we are right, or that we are superior that causes this anger. This anger is not a good feeling. It causes our blood pressure to rise, our heart rate to increase, and sometimes actions that we regret.

We often see this on the road. In extreme cases, we call it road rage. How many times does anger arise when someone tails you closely on the freeways, or when someone cuts right in front of you? Sometimes it is by accident, and sometimes it is done on purpose. How about when someone continues to drive slowly on  the fast lane without moving to the right. Does anger arise? Do you feel like teaching him or her a lesson by pulling in front of them and driving slowly?  This type of anger is  an example of arrogance.

In my instance, I was making a right turn on to a major street. Apparently my judgment was not correct, or the approaching car was  too fast.  As an old Toyota Corolla passes me, the window rolls up, and I see the middle  finger of a white haired elderly lady. I was more surprised than angry at that time; a grandma flipping me off?

What can we do to suppress anger in our lives?  We must not place more emphasis on ourselves. We must sweep arrogance from our hearts.  By praying, God will also help you eliminate arrogance, as well as greed and self love from your minds.

“Evil sweeping, save us please, Universal Saving God”

Try this prayer. See if anger becomes less frequent in your lives.

“Evil sweeping,  save us please, Universal Saving God”

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