Hataraku means…………..

In Japanese hataraku means work. If you divide the word, you get hata, which means 3rd person, and raku, which is translated as relax.  Hataraku could literally mean effort that makes the surrounding people comfortable.  When we work we should make our bosses and customers relax or happy.  But how many of us do make our supervisors and customers happy with our efforts at work. What prevents us from making others happy at work?

Have you ever called someone or emailed someone many times, without receiving a reply? Have you had coworker that was rude with customers, or associates? Have you had experience with people who didn’t care about your concerns? These people definitely do not understand the definition of work.

But what makes these people so callous? The person, who does not return your calls, does not care about your time or efforts. The person, who is rude with the customers, belittles the consumer. The person, who avoids your concerns, does not care about you. Do these people have arrogance in their minds?

Arrogance by definition is an attitude of superiority. Many people do not realize that arrogance is one of the evils that God dislikes. Is it the same category of the other sins like greed and selfishness? What is more evil, the person who steals or a person who is arrogant? Both cause suffering in the recipient. Does God distinguish these two evils differently?

So the next time, someone calls you at work, return the call promptly. When a customer has a concern, research and help him or her as they were your family. When the fan hits the ceiling at work, step back and be courteous.  When all this occurs, the Japanese word of hataraku is realized, and arrogance is eliminated from our minds.  Not only have we created a happy environment, we have planted a seed of happiness in our future (see past blog of the law of cause and effect).


About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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