The Heart and Soul

How many of us have heard the expression, some one has a good heart, or remove evil from your heart, or ponder from your inner most heart. Have you known someone that has a pure heart? Apparently having a pure heart is good. But what is this heart? Is it the organ that provides blood and oxygen to our bodies? In the Tip of the Writing Brush are the following verses:

This mind, prepare to clean it quickly,

Purify it by using a filter and sand.  3-10

This filter, where do you think it is?

The heart and mouth are the sand and filter.  3-11

For those unfamiliar with the sewage system, sand is used to separate the impurities in the sewage, making pure water available.  The heart is used in a similar fashion, attracting evil thoughts from the mind, and making the mind pure.  But what eventually happens to the evils that accumulate in our hearts? For some, their hearts will be heavy due to the enormous amount of evil produced by their minds. For others, their hearts will be light due to the joy in their minds.

The thought process involves energy. Evil energy trapped in the heart eventually will be released internally causing disease and illness: and energy may be released externally causing suffering of the individual in the future (cause and effect, karma). What evils one plants today, may sprout as suffering in the future.

This heart or some may call it the soul, is an intangible entity of energy in our bodies. But wherever it may exist, it helps to clear the mind of evil. But unless, we sweep and prevent these evil thoughts from our minds, these evil energies will continue to accumulate in our hearts; and will continue to cause the sufferings in the world.

In essence, the soul or heart is our identity. It like our DNA genes is a road map of our future, a future of suffering or joy.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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