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Interpretation: We know that illness exist in the world, but God tells us that illness should be nonexistent in human beings. God gave the first parents of human beings the Original pure mind of God. This is a mind that … Continue reading

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What is the truth?

The word shinjitsu and shin appear in the Ofudesaki 173 times.  The English translation of shinjitsu are, the truth, truly, real, and sincerity. The traditional Tenrikyo Headquarters’ translation uses all of these 4 words in translating shinjitsu and shin in … Continue reading

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The Heart and Soul

How many of us have heard the expression, some one has a good heart, or remove evil from your heart, or ponder from your inner most heart. Have you known someone that has a pure heart? Apparently having a pure … Continue reading

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Weeds that Hinder Our Path

Weeds that Hinder Our Path Usually a path leads to a destination, goal, or a place. For example, a path on a trail may lead a hiker from one place to another. If one was lost in the woods, finding … Continue reading

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