Comparing Religions


What makes our religion different from other religions?  Let us today compare Buddhism to our religion. Both religions accept that there is much suffering on this earth. Buddhism believes in repressing things that cause suffering by meditation, avoidance of things that cause suffering, while Tenrikyo believes in sweeping the things (greed, arrogance and self love) that cause suffering, We ask God in our prayers daily to help us sweep these evils from our minds.


Buddhism believes in avoiding the things that may cause suffering like possessions, power, and authority. Buddhism believes in the suppression of anger by avoidance, and meditation. For example, in one episode some shepherds had lost some sheep and were inquiring the monks if they had seen them. Buddha told the monks that they were lucky not to have possessions like the sheep so they did not have to worry about losing what they think is theirs.


Tenrikyo believes that possession do no cause sufferings. It is the greed that is associated with these possessions that we must sweep away. God provides us with many resources in attaining our physical goals.


Tenrikyo believes that anger is to be avoided, but not by suppression or avoidances of what causes anger. It teaches that one’s arrogance causes anger. We believe in the elimination of our arrogance to prevent anger from arising. We should not barricade ourselves from society.


Tenrikyo is a positive religion that encourages us to utilize our abilities and the riches of the earth that God has provided. It encourages us to work together by helping each other in creating this joyous world.

For those who agree or disagree, please feel free to comment

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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