Where Was God?

Why is there evil and suffering in this world? Where was God in 9-11? Where was God when the holocaust was occurring? Where was God when the Black Plague was killing millions of people. There are two concepts of God. One is that God can prevent evil and suffering, but chooses not to. This makes him not so good. The second school of thought is that God wants to prevent evil and suffering but he cannot. This makes God not all-powerful as depicted in the sacred literatures.

But which theory is correct? Can we fathom that both theories are partially correct. It may be that God wants to prevent evil and suffering, but he chooses not to, in the majority of cases. How can we fathom a God that chooses not to help us?

The answer may be explained by answering the question  “what causes human sufferings in the world?” Does God cause this suffering, or do we cause our own suffering? We can definitely see the immediate effects caused by greed, arrogance, anger and self-love in this world. But do these evils also have a boomerang effect on the evil people that perpetrate these negative acts.  Do our evil thoughts and actions come back to bite us?

For many, it is difficult to admit that we have sinned in this life, or in previous lives if we believe in reincarnation. We cannot fathom that our sufferings are the result of our own actions and thoughts. We would rather blame others, or even have an unrelenting faith, believing it is God’s will. How can an innocent child suffer? Is it cruel to believe that it is the result of his or her past life? On a subject for thought, even a serial murderer was an innocent child at one time. Does age make a difference when the effects of causality appear?

Causality appears to explain the sufferings and evils in this world and explains why a good and powerful God does not interfere with our free will.  Causality also gives us hope for the future. Good thoughts and actions will bring forth joy. We can have a joyous world with everyone helping each other.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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  1. ashl33k says:

    I just blogged on just about the same thing!! Wow.


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