The pleasures of sin

We all know what is unhealthy. We know that too much sugar, fat and salt are bad for us. We know that staying active is important for our health. Yet many of us consume more sugar, fat and salt than ever. We consume our times sitting on our rear ends on the computer or watching television. Too much of these vices cause diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other maladies. Why do we Americans continue on the road of suffering when we know what causes these sufferings?

A delicious meal is hard to resist, whether it be at a four star restaurant, or at the local hamburger establishment. They saturate these meals with sugar, fats and salts, making it difficult for customers to resist these unhealthy meals. The poor become more susceptible because of their lack of money to buy healthy foods. The fast food industry capitalizes on the poor by making inexpensive meals that have the qualities that satiate their appetite quickly, but also lead to morbidity.

It is difficult to resist what causes pleasure. In this case, it is the pleasure of eating, and relaxing. Even though many understand the relationship between these foods and our health, immediate satiation or satisfaction wins over long-term health.

It is the same with sin. Everyone knows that sinning may lead to suffering; but it difficult to resist.  Everyone can name most of the sins. In our religion, these evils are greed, arrogance, and self love.  These sins usually give us short-term pleasure. And like the food industry that tempts us to eat unhealthy food, there are many companies and organizations (media, government, and private enterprises) that tempt us daily to commit sins. We seek immediate gratification and pleasure, but do not see the future that they lead to.  Our immediate gratification obscures the future.

It is a difficult to avoid the evil pleasures of life, but we must see the future that they lead to. Whether it is heaven, or heaven on earth, study your scriptures.  Knowing the future may lead us to resist the pleasures of evil.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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1 Response to The pleasures of sin

  1. Very true… all things which give us instant gratification usually have a catch that comes with it..The bondage & addiction that slowly creeps in…


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