Why do we suffer?

There are many things that we do not understand. Why does God allow people to suffer? Why does God not prevent bad things from happening? Where was God? Could it be that that God has a different priority?

Human beings have a tendency to concentrate on what they can see. For example, we all want to have healthy bodies. We want to have a good appearance, and have material wealth. We are more connected to the physical world. Many have a tendency to believe that God blesses us with material wealth. When we suffer, we cannot understand why God would punish us.

Could it be possible that God has no influence on what happens to us? If we were to believe in causality, joy or suffering are the result of our own actions or thoughts. Or for the atheist, everything is the result of statistics. God is nonexistent, or is an observer.

Or maybe God’s priority may be different than ours. The maturation of human minds may be more important than what occurs to us physically.  The physical world may be secondary to the contents of our minds. The physical world serves as a medium to mature our minds. The physical world is ethereal, or temporary, while the soul (mind) lives eternally if we are to believe in the after life.

Sometimes I wonder, why so many people are taken away at one time, like the deaths of so many people in a mass catastrophe. Can God be of disapproval for all these people at one time, or is the event a random occurrence. Whether it is from chance, causality, or at the hands of God, death may only be a short respite for these souls. If we are to believe, in the everlasting soul, there will be more opportunities for the mind (soul) to mature.

We cannot understand why we suffer because we do not understand the intentions of God. To God, the physical world may not be as important as the maturation of the minds. Suffering is only ethereal or temporary. The long-term goal is for the salvation of all mankind. For some, this process of the maturation of the mind may involve much suffering, and many life times; but eventually, everyone will be saved.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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