Mind Over Matter

Throughout mankind, people have written on how they suffered from a vengeful God, eventually to find a merciful loving God, and an evil Satan. This explanation is hopeful but not provable in the real world. Suppose we can use quantum physics to explain why we suffer; and place God and faith out of the equation for now.

By quantum physics, we can presume that an observer can influence the behavior of element or object. We have seen magicians attempted to bend a spoon by concentrating on a spoon. This may not be quantum physics, but more like allusion and deception.   Scientists have found out that elements and particles are affected and behave differently when outside sources are brought into the experiment. For example, in one experiment, the direction of light was affected when an observer was in the room. Does the concept of quantum physics allow us to presume that our minds may influence how elements and particles behave? If this is true, can our thoughts influence our future?

Everything is energy. Energy is never created or lost but only transferred. Our thoughts are made out of energy that gets converted to actions and released into our surroundings. Walking and talking are examples of the conversion of energy. Suppose there are positive and negative energy, corresponding to  positive and negative thoughts manufactured in the mind. Suppose these energies are placed and stored in our souls or consciousness, and released into our surroundings.  The released energy eventually interact with other energies in the environment, including energies produced by others.  The interaction of these energies then brings upon a positive or negative event affecting one or more persons. Sufferings like car accidents and terrorism, may be explained by this phenomenon of negative energy stored in our souls that are released. Joy or happy events may also be explained by positive energies in our souls or consciousness that interact with other energies.

Many believe that the soul or our consciousness is everlasting. Some people believe that our souls come back to earth and continue to inhabit the unborn fetus. These positive or negative energies that are stored in our souls or consciousness are like the DNA (genes) that determine our physical features. These energies in the soul eventually are released internally in our bodies causing disease or illness; or are released to the outside interacting with other energies, and eventually causing some negative events in our lives.

What does this information mean to us? We without God, have the ability to write our own future. We cannot blame God for our sufferings. Our thoughts and behavior of today influence what events occur in our futures. Does this sound like causality and reincarnation? Our souls or consciousness are like weary travelers trying to find paradise or heaven. But the secret lies in the mind. It is the mind that will create our heaven on earth. We need to eliminate the evils (greed, arrogance, and self love) from our minds. They are the negative energies (dusts) that create suffering in the future. By this concept, everyone has the tools to live a joyous and happy life.

But what is God’s role?  God had the tremendous job of creating mankind. It is said in the Book of Prophecy that when all mankind is spirited, God will also be spirited; and that the Gift of Heaven will be bestowed to the world.  God has invested heavily in his creation of mankind. That illness may be God guiding you to consider the mind as a factor in affecting your future. Replace the mind with good, and the illness (guidance) will disappear; but more important your future will become joyous. Mind over matter; something to ponder over! We create are own destiny.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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