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Tenrikyo /Why Do We Suffer?

Why do people suffer? Why do good people suffer, and why do evil people appear to have joy? Why are some people afflicted by cancer? Why does an innocent child die? Why do people get into severe accidents? Are these … Continue reading

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Mind Over Matter

Throughout mankind, people have written on how they suffered from a vengeful God, eventually to find a merciful loving God, and an evil Satan. This explanation is hopeful but not provable in the real world. Suppose we can use quantum … Continue reading

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What is the Purpose of Suffering?

One of the viewers astutely observed: “With respect to suffering, people always assume that suffering is bad and therefore question why won’t God intervene.” I presume that without knowing suffering, one would not know how true joy feels like.  Without … Continue reading

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Why can’t God heal me?

Why can’t God heal me? The story of Jesus healing the Leper is widely known. But was Jesus able to heal all illnesses or was he selective on what illness he could heal? In our religion with our prayers, we … Continue reading

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