Tenrikyo /Evil is Contagious

Just yesterday, President Trump denounced both sides of the Charlottesville, Virginia  confrontation. The left wing immediately came out criticizing the President for not denouncing the neo nazi racist who initiated the confrontations. In the Tenrikyo Religion (Heaven’s Truth Church), Oyasama once said that sometimes it is better to walk away from a confrontation. By confronting one who is covered by dust, one may become covered with dust also.

Let me explain what dusts are. In our church dust are thoughts of arrogance, greed,  self-love, anger, revenge, etc.  We are told that when one is covered with dust, one is unable to understand God’s truths. These people like the bigots and racists are unable to reason because of the dusts that surround their minds.   Sometimes when we try to reason with them, we become angry and our minds accumulate dusts. It is like the racists have transferred their anger and arrogance to us. This is why God tells us to calm our minds, and avoid confrontation with these arrogant people.  Some of the people went into Virginia for the right reasons of expressing their denouncements of evil, but they only made the situation worse, especially for themselves.

We must stand firm and express our views concerning what we think is right or wrong. But we cannot permanently force our views on those who cannot understand now. In time, we hope these people are awakened to the truth, and will be able to sweep their erroneous thoughts. We must remind ourselves, that evil or dusts are contagious.

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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