Tenrikyo /Reincarnation in Understanding the World

Hello, I am trying to introduce a concept that will change the world; but you will need to open your minds to something that you may be opposed to. This idea is the concept of reincarnation. This is an idea that we have a soul (heart) that lives for eternity, and continues to return to a physical form (body).

Some will say that the soul is comprised of an inner core of positive energy of good, which often is surrounded by the negative energies, which are produced by our negative thoughts and actions. These negative energies surrounding the soul determine our fate, often described as karma, or cause and effect. It is this soul with these negative energies that continue to seek an environment and time appropriate for the release of the baggage (negative energy) it carries. This negative energy unfortunately leads to suffering and pain we see in the world today. Some will say that this is how God or nature attempts to purify our souls.

This concept is a difficult concept because we must accept suffering and misfortune as our own cause. Yet because we do not understand reincarnation and causality, we blame others for our misfortunes. Because of this, we continue to add more negative energy to our soul, which continues our path of suffering. This is what is happening with the protests concerning the Confederate statues. One race blames the other; but the soul has no color, or no predisposition for any race. We create our own fate with our actions and thoughts of today.

This concept of reincarnation and causality may sound depressing because of the suffering and misfortunes that appears in the world. But there is hope of everlasting joy if the soul is able to remove the negative energies that many of us carry. We cannot sometimes change the fate that the soul releases, but we can change our thinking and actions upon these sufferings. When our thoughts and actions become positive, the pure soul becomes more prominent, bringing upon joy. This is why even the most evil person can eventually become good. This is why there is no one who is evil. It is only our thoughts and beliefs that are evil.

Why do good people suffer, and why do bad people have joy? I believe we have all sinned, and our soul often waits for appropriate time a place to release its energy. Remember, we are not evil because we suffer; we are not good because we do not suffer. We must remember that we all have a pure soul (heart) which will bring upon joy.  It is only because of the negative energies that temporarily surround our hearts (souls) that prevent us from having joy.

What this all this mean? Whatever happens, place no blame on others. Ponder and reflect on any occurrences. Remove evil (greed, arrogance, and self love) from your minds. This by the principle of causality will bring upon joy. If only the world understands these concepts of reincarnation and Causality!

heaventruth.com   in understanding God’s truth (Fudesaki)

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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2 Responses to Tenrikyo /Reincarnation in Understanding the World

  1. fujack says:

    Almighty God Allah Yahuah (Yahweh, Jehovah ) aka God Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto aka God Bahá’í:
    God is known by many names, according to His different qualities and activities. In the Bible he is know as Jehovah (“the almighty one”), in the Koran as Allah (“the great one”), and in the Tenrikyo as Tenri-Ō-no-Mikoto, etc.

    How God Rules and Administers the Spiritual World


  2. heaventruth says:

    Thank you for the video. Reincarnation does have a purpose. Not sure about your spiritual world. Tenrikyo believes that EVERYONE will eventually be saved, and the world will have joy. Continue your good work of spreading God’s truth of reincarnation and causality.


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