Understanding Karma and Causality

Many religions believe in causality or karma, but none have succeeded in explaining how the process works. We all have heard the expression of “What we sow, we reap”. In the Ofudesaki, God tells us that we do not understand the soul. It is the understanding of the soul that will help explain how karma or causality works as nature’s justice.

Our souls carry information from one lifetime to another in the form of energy. These energies upon entering our bodies (matter) are converted to our past thoughts and its associated fate; it is these current thoughts and associated fates that the soul collects before our demise and exits our bodies to ascend to heaven.  The soul is who we are, and uses our borrowed bodies (matter) in an attempt to live the joyous life.  We can either create more positive thoughts and it’s associated positive fates, or we can create more negative thoughts and it’s associated negative fates while the soul resides in the body. Let me explain with some examples:

George is a salesperson working in a large corporation.  He is hardworking, but has problems with his immediate supervisor Bill.  George thinks his supervisor does not like him.   Bill often criticizes George, and they often have words that increase stress at work.  George often feels intense anger, and often confides and complains to his coworkers his displeasure of Bill.  In the teachings of Tenrikyo, George is creating more negative energy by acting upon the evil thoughts that were activated by Bill’s criticism. In this case the evil thought of arrogance were elicited by Bill’s criticism of George.  By telling his coworkers, George has created more evil thoughts of arrogance, and it’s associated negative fate by acting upon his thoughts of arrogance.

If George were to understand the soul, he would ponder why his soul has brought upon Bill’s anger. He would calm his mind, and understand that Bill is only the messenger of his soul.  George would then not act on his thought of arrogance and anger.  By this process, George is eliminating his evil thoughts and not creating it’s associated negative fate. George is beginning to purify his mind and his soul. This will result in his soul only bringing upon positive fate.

It is this suffering that the world cannot understand. We tend to blame our sufferings, temptations, and obstacles in our lives to others. We do not understand that our souls are bringing these occurrences to purify our minds.  We believe that God has descended from heaven to teach us about the soul and how to live the joyous life.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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