Who We Are

God created human beings to live the joyous life.  Let me rephrase it correctly. God created human bodies, so we can live the joyous life.  What are we? Are we our bodies?

The body plus the soul is who we are as human beings.  Because of our bodies, we are able to run, jump, and accomplish feats that no organism can accomplish. Our neural system gives us the ability to entertain thoughts. God has loaned us the perfect bodies to live the joyous life.  But suppose we were only given the body of a frog or an insect. What limited joy and potentials will we have with such a body?

In our religion, we believe that God created the perfect body, so we can attain true joy. In our sacred book God describes taking a serpent and fish from the muddy oceans, and adding to them the good qualities of the other creatures in the sea to begin mankind. With evolution, our bodies have evolved to where they are now.  The body is only a temporary dwelling borrowed from God that the soul uses to attain joy.  We believe that it is the combination of the body and soul that creates who we are.  Some will say that it is the mind that is created by the soul entering the body. We are essentially our minds. It is our minds that then interact with the soul and body in creating joy or suffering in this world. We have free will because of the mind. We determine our own fate. Let me further explain.

Let us review the three ingredients in making the Joyous life. The first is the body, which is loaned from God. This body can be perfect or imperfect, but is only a temporary dwelling for the soul since it eventually decays when the body dies. Most people think that the body is who we are. We are black, white, tall, short, female, and male, beautiful or ugly.  

The second component, which is the most important, is the soul. The soul has also been also called the heart or spirit. Many people will agree that the soul lives for eternity.  Metaphorically the soul is like a little suitcase, carrying our vital information from lifetime to lifetime, from one body to another.  It stores our fate and its associated thought in the form of energies.  The energy in the soul enters the mind after birth, somehow programing the thought patterns in the brain to a specific thought inclination like of greed, arrogance and self-love. This chemical, electrical synaptic neural pathway that was reestablished, becomes receptive to its associated fate that the soul eventually releases. This neural pathway becomes stronger (more evil thoughts) when we act on these thoughts, and more negative energy (fate) is created. This neural pathway becomes weaker (less evil thoughts) when we do not act on these evil thoughts, and creates no negative energy or fate around the soul. It is the fate surrounding the soul that stimulates its associated evil thoughts in the mind.

The third ingredient is the mind, which is created when the soul enters the body. The soul programs our neural system with the thoughts that we had previously in our past life, reestablishing our unique individualized mind. The created mind essentially is who we are. We have free will to act upon our thoughts, especially when our soul delivers sufferings, temptations or obstacles in our lives. Our actions upon these evil thoughts originating from the mind, determine if we are on the path to joy or on the path of suffering.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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