The Distorted Mirror and the Mind

There is a verse in our sacred book that I find interesting about the human mind and the way we think. I often reflect to see if I have a mind like a distorted mirror.

Ikana ki mo oku yosete wa aru keredo

Igami kagami wa kore wa kanawan 3-50

Though I have gathered many and varied trees,

those that are like a distorted mirror will not do. 3-50

We all have seen the distorted mirror at the carnival section of the local fair.  We make funny faces, knowing that the images we see are false image of our bodies.  In the verse above, God compares our minds to the distorted mirror.  As the distorted mirror does not reflect the true image, our minds may not see truth or reasoning.

One may ask why can we not understand truth or reasoning when it is presented to us.  Have you ever presented the facts and attempted to reason with a stubborn and opposing person, but were unsuccessful. You can see this in politics or religion, where facts and reasoning do not matter.  One side, no matter what the crisis is, remains in opposition to the other faction.  Truth or reasoning does not matter.

Some would say that God has given us a complex neural system where thoughts are too easily ingrained in our minds.  Our Central nervous system is programed to have neural pathways facilitated when they are used over and over. This expedition should make our choices easier, but when mistaken thoughts are utilized over and over, our minds begin to act like the distorted mirror. This is why thoughts are difficult to deprogram in our minds. For example, if we act on our greed, we tend to become greedier.  It is like the alcoholic, or the gambler who continues on their path of destruction.  It is the same with the politician who believes that the opposition is evil, even when given proof that facts prove otherwise.

We need to sometimes question our beliefs and ideas that we have in our minds. When we confront people with other ideas, or when we read opposing views, we must not rush to judgment. We must always be cognizant that our beliefs and ideas may be incorrect because of past thoughts that are ingrained in our minds. We must be cautious not to act immediately on our existing thoughts and ponder the information given.  This is how we deprogram or sweep our minds of mistaken thoughts.  

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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