Translations resulting in two different paths

There are some of us that believe that all we have to do is believe in Oyasama, and perform the Service for God to purify our own minds and save us. They depend on God to do this. For instance, many believe that we are asking God to save us when we sing the words “Ashiki o haroute, tasuke tamae”. There are others like myself who believe that God descended from heaven to teach us how to purify our own minds. After understanding God’s teachings, we purify our own minds.


The translations or interpretations of verse 7-95 and 7-96 show these two beliefs.  My word for word translation, God is telling us that we must sweep our own minds by what comes from our own innermost hearts. Our fate comes from our hearts, as the heart collects our evil actions, and distributes them as fate when opportunities develop in our lives. When these obstacles (fate) appears in our lives, we should not blame others, but instead ponder our own minds for evil thoughts or dusts.  God tells us that when we do this, we can eliminate our evil thoughts from our minds. Remember these are the same thoughts that created our fate, by our acting on them in the past, many times in our past lives. God depends on us to sweep our own dusts away.


The Church Headquarter translation implies that God will sweep our dusts or evil thoughts away. We depend on God to do this for us. God tells us that by performing the Service, God will sweep our dusts away. This makes perfect sense, we perform the Service, and God sweeps our evils away.  But is this what the Service is for?


In Verse 7-96, God tells us that when we purify our minds and become spirited by pondering what comes from our heart, God wants us to perform the Service. Why does God want us to perform the Service when our minds are already pure and spirited? Could it be that by performing the Joyous Service, we are asking God to help others sweep evil thoughts from their minds. It makes sense; we are spirited so we want others to be spirited. We are asking God to save others!


Evil sweeping, save them please, Namu-Tenri-0-no-Mikoto.

About heaventruth

A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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