How the location of the Kanrodai was identified

On the location of the Kanrodai, many people believe that God told the early followers to sweep the Residence with brooms to find the location of the Kanrodai. The church headquarter translates verse 8-82 as:
Walk over where you have swept,
You will come to a standstill. There, the Kanrodai 8-82
But is this what happened? The following is from the Ofudesaki as I translate these important verses:
Kono hashira hayaku ireyo to omoedomo
Nigori no mizu de tokoro wakaran 3-9
This pillar, quickly to put in, I am thinking.
Because of the muddy water (dusts in the minds of the early followers), the location cannot be found.
Konosaki wa atchi kotchi ni mi ni sawari
Tsukihi teirri o suru to omoe yo 8-81
Hereafter, there here, bodily disorders will appear.
God, to give guidance, think about it.
Kitaru nara waga mi sawari to hikiyawase
Onaji koto nara hayaku soji o 8-82
When you come, compare your disorders.
If the conditions are the same, quickly begin sweeping the minds.
(Soji shita) (tokoro o aruki) (tachidomari)
(Sono tokoro yori) (Kanrodai o) 8-83
When you have swept (the mind), walk the place, and will come to a stop.
That place, will come the Kanrodai
Except for one individual, they stopped at this location because they had pure minds like the mind of God and Oyasama.
One may wonder how the early followers purified their minds. Verses 3-10 and 3-11 may give you an understanding of how this was done. Did this involve our hearts? God in the first verse tells us we do not understand the heart. Remember the instructions to save the world, are all in the Ofudesaki

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A fundamentalist in the translation and interpretation of the Book of Prophecy (Ofudesaki), as it relates to the world today and in the future.
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