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Becoming Spirited by Understanding the Soul

In this world, many of us believe that we can gain happiness from the suffering of others. Look at the drug cartels, the trafficking of human beings, and the plethora of corruption and violence around the world. Look at the … Continue reading

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Tenrikyo /Understanding the Soul

THE TRUTHS OF HEAVEN Why do people suffer? Why do good people suffer, and why do bad people appear to have joy? Why are some people afflicted by cancer? Why does an innocent child die? Some explain by saying it is … Continue reading

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Tenrikyo /Thoughts to Ponder

Everything is energy. God created the universe. God created man. God is energy. God is all positive energy. Man was once all positive energy. Energy is never created or destroyed. Our soul is made up of positive energy. The soul … Continue reading

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Tenrikyo /Are You Happy/continued

In today’s world, drugs to reduce depression and anxiety are the most prescribed medications. We all want to be spirited, that feeling that everything is all right. The pharmaceutical companies knowing this predicament, spends millions of dollars on advertisement in … Continue reading

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